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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 10, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it here on fox news channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, heavy flooding around the gulf states, sending thousands of people to shelters. we have the forecast from fox extreme weather center. >> gregg: meanwhile, out west, gusty winds are fueling more massive wild fires forcing hundreds to leave their homes reducing tens of thousands of acres to senders. >> and legendary auburn tigers, a deadly gunfire erupts in an
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apartment complex full of students. >> gregg: a growing firestorm into investigation recent leaks of national security secrets, classified information. lawmakers from both parties demanding answers how this sensitive information went public to begin with. today republican senator john mccain laying squarely the blame on the president. >> it's obvious on its face that this information came from individuals who are in the administration. president may not have done it himself but the president is certainly responsible as commander in chief. >> gregg: molly henneberg is live following the th story. momly, that probably doesn't really go over well with the white house i would admit. >> molly: president obama has said his administration doesn't operated by leaking national security details to the media. top political advisor the articles didn't point to the white house that leaked information.
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>> i think the authors of this work have said that the white house was not the source of this information. i can't say there weren't leaks but they weren't from there. >> molly: peter king says based on the highly sensitive details in the media articles the leaker has to be in the president's, quote, inner circle. >> gregg: that is what the journalists are saying. look, republicans are not convinced that the obama administration plan to investigate this will yield any meaningful answers. what is the latest on that. >> molly: both sides the two u.s. attorneys will head up the investigations are good men and good lawyers but g.o.p. law makes are concerned because they will still be reporting to eric ho8der who reports to the president they may not be able to investigate freely. the republican chairman of the house new jersey committee it will be a challenge if the facts lead them to high ranking
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people. >> some of the leaks in the public leaks are self-described aides or people who are in the situation room, that is pretty small but important group of people. my question to the attorney general, good start but we need to find out if they will have that independent. >> molly: dianne feinstein supporters holder's decision and they hope they can finish the investigation, quote, rather rapidly. >> gregg: molly, thanks very much. >> heather: there are new questions about what the recall election victory of scott walker could mean for november's general election. mitch daniels tells fox news sunday fresh questions about what walker's win means for unions. taking on public sector unions is what led to walker's recall in the first place. >> if there is a reason defenders of labor from franklin roosevelt to george meade and many others, unionism had no
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place in the public sector, it was a necessary freedom and it is in the private sector but it was a bad idea in government. i think government worked better without them. i really do. in our state we had a 15-year run with sole called collective bargaining. we did end it. >> heather: you can catch more of the interview with governor daniels today. check your local listings for times on that. in the meantime, stay right here for fair and balanced debate later in this hour. >> gregg: fox extreme weather alert, colorado and new mexico, both battling wildfires fueled by very strong winds and dry forests. in northern colorado flames have destroyed about 8,000 acres. officials issuing more than 1500 evacuation orders. massive fire burning about 15 miles from fort collins.
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>> it was a tough day. i've been with the agency for 21 years. this is probably the fire we are concerned we might possibly have with the way this thing grew and the areas it's in. it's been near and through and few to several different places with residentss. first and foremost, citizen and firefighter safety. >> in southern new mexico, flames scorching about 10,000 acres there. both fires 6 damaged or destroyed property. >> heather: it's just the opposite problem in the south, heavy rains causing problems along the central gulf coast. severe ghroogd washed out roads in southern alabama. nearly six inches of rain fell yesterday. more expected today in the same area sells the florida panhandle. maria has more on all of this for us.
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>> hi, heather and gregg, we're talking about two extremes lack of moisture out in the southwest where we have elevated fire danger and too much moisture in parts of the southeast and touch upon very shortly a severe weather risk across the center of the country. what we do have warnings in effect, most of these tomorrow morning. that is where we're going to be seeing the dry weather and warmer temperatures and gusty winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour in northern portions of california. one area we're keeping an eye on and another one is new mexico. we've been talking about basically for wildfires and warnings across new mexico further off to the north across parts of colorado, also western portions of nebraska into parts of southeastern wyoming. east of this area we do have a cold front that is pushing eastward. much cooler weather, gusty
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weather in parts of northwest but across the center of the country from minnesota, northwestern wisconsin down through the eastern portions of kansas, thunderstorms will be firing up later today with the possibility to produce large hail. damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour and isolated tornadoes. you touched about the heavy rain in parts of new orleans and peninsula cola. they received over 13 inches of rain yesterday. flood watch is still in effect tomorrow morning. locally more than five inches of rain is possible today. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: new developments in the shooting near an auburn university home in alabama. three people are dead including two former university football players, violence broke out during nighttime pool party at an apartment complex. it started as a fight. its up in a hail of bullets.
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elizabeth pran has the latest. she is very rainy -- week key see that in auburn, alabama. >> reporter: you are right. six people were shot. three of them dead today. we learned that from press conference at a pool party that turned into a murder scene. three of the shooting victims were at one point auburn tiger football players, now there is a massive manhunt for this man. monte leonard. there are three capital murder arrests awaiting him. they focusing on montgomery county which is about 50 miles from where we are. he allegedly killed two people and shot and injured one person. all three were members of auburn tigers football team. he left witnesses and the whole community traumatized. >> it's about the other young man has been injured and
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fighting for his life, that is what this is about. that is why you do this job is for the victims. that is why we are working so hard to bring these guys into custody. >> reporter: police say there are two other persons of interest and they haven't released their names but police chief says they turned in themselves in for obvious reasons. they do know a motive but weren't reefgs it. that will come out later on in the courtroom. >> gregg: elizabeth, thanks very much. >> heather: new comments from afghanistan's president in the wake of an air strike that killed 18 civilians, many of them women and children. hamid karzai says nato will no longer conduct air strikes in residential areas as the top commander in the country apologized for the deaths. david pif per has details. >> reporter: afghan president has warned that the latest air strike puts at risk the security
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pact between his country and the u.s. he adds this is if any more attacks will be seen as an act of aggression. a major investigation says the coalition forces were responsible for the deaths of civilians. john allen has apologized for the deaths on friday. during a visit to the area, the general said he was committed to doing the right thing for the families of those forces but inadvertently killed. nato has refused to comment on the claims but all air strikes are banned in residential areas but added proergs were under review. during the raid it's been established forces of u.s. and afghanistan came under fire while under ago local taliban leader who was in a house nearby. u.s. forces called in an air strike, later they found out the blast that killed women and children and old men who had gathered there for a wedding
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party. a spokesman for president karzai afghan investigators told him u.s. troops had called in the air strike without consulting afghan units that had surrounded the houses. nato hadn't commented on that claim. taliban have ordered all the schools in the district where the strike occurred to close for three days to mourn the dead. raids like this in rrj areas is a major issue for the alliances and karzai government because the danger to civilians. alliance has said they are key to capturing and killing taliban leaders, but president karzai spokesman says the latest air strike was the fifth incident that has caused casualties since they signed the security pact. the two sides hoped they resolve their differences by allowing the government to control such special operations with afghan troops taking the leegd lied but it seems to have gone terribly
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wrong this time. >> heather: thanks, david. >> gregg: get out your wallet. bank bailout in spain that could total $125 billion what could the financial lifeline mean for your bottom line when markets open on monday morning. brenda joins us. >> heather: i don't have that much in my wallet. still ahead, new violence in syria as comments one of regime's key alies, we'll weigh in that and what the u.s. should be doing and it may be reminiscing of another war. >> new adventure for some of our country's heroes. injured vets taking to the sky for a thrill and that is not all they were treated to. >> adrenaline rush. [ laughter ] it's the biggest adrenalin rush. >> not really scared but i'm a
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. parts of alabama cope weigh severe flooding this weekend. roadways are getting the worst of it in mobile county and residents are warned to stay home. mega church pastor pressler dollar said he did not strike his 15-year-old daughter. he was arrested on friday after the girl called 911 claiming the father choked and pumped her. a gunman two churches were targeted, four people were killed and dozens were injured. this is the latest attacks in that country. >> gregg: check your watch. hours from now, gobble markets will begin trading, but now the
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big focus will be on how investors react to the news of big bank bailouts for spain, europe's fourth largest economy, $125 billion to go toward the latest effort to keep it from spiraling out of control. what does in mean, for you, your 401-k? joining us is brenda butner, you know increasingly, its global economy, so anything naps europe affects us? >> wall street has been going up and down with each change in europe. last week it was just the expectation that we might see this kind of bailout that turned the market around essentially, s&p 500 which is major part of everyone's 401-k was up 4%. it had been down 6% in may because of problems in europe we
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really could see a bit of a turnaround if wall street sees this positively as it did last week just on rumor. >> gregg: should somebody who has a 401-k international fund and many people do be worried about this or should they be heartened by it? >> what this basically does it shields spain what is going in greece. if they decide they exit the euro go back to the old currency everybody is afraid the entire euro zone will fall apart. what which this does it takes the banks in spain and it gives them some insurance, some guarantee. that is what everybody was hoping for. it does so without the very strict austerity measures which have turned many countries against any kind of a bailout. >> gregg: why did i read yesterday that the markets are very worried about the opening on monday because of what was happening in spain, i would
1:20 pm
think it would be the opposite, this is good news for spain? >> sometimes markets go up on rumors and down on the news. they did go up amazingly last week but they may be down tomorrow. but essentially the problems in spain by no means solved by this aid package. it's a first step and prime minister doesn't even call it a bailout, four-letter word nowadays. they are in a deep recession. it's all across europe. germany is still saying we're the ones who have the money. we're going to loan it to you but only if you be very strict austerity measures in the middle of a recession. mcdonald's last week had problems meeting the sales estimates because of problems in europe. so this does affect all of us. >> gregg: i was in spain last summer and you could really tell
1:21 pm
their unemployment is about 50%, that their economy is really hurting. this may be the turnaround for spain, we hope. all right. thanks very much. >> heather: you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. the sky is the limit for more than 30 iraq and afghanistan veterans. this fun and free excursion as a big thank you for members of the military by the ohio combat veterans. among them paralyzed by an explosion in baghdad. >> i was injured in iraq in 2004. i'm paralyzed from the waist down. >> if i can do it, they can do it. >> heather: along with skydiving the veterans could also shoot on a firing range and enjoy a hog
1:22 pm
roast. >> gregg: can't beat a good hog roast. [ laughter ] new fallout from president obama's comments that the private sector is doing just fine. did he just provide the governor mitt romney with a whole new attack line? >> heather: plus more international backlash against syrian's president as the bombs continue to rain down on innocent civilians. now, they are changing their tune a little bit. it could be a new opening to end the slaughter in syria? we'll talk about it. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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. >> heather: it's the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news, police are searching for triple murder suspect in alabama. two of the victims were former auburn university football players. shooting broke out during a fight over a girl.
1:27 pm
>> gregg: wildfires spreading in the west and southwest, one in colorado reaching 22 square miles and in another new mexico. hundreds living near both those fires told to get out. >> heather: spain's prime minister raising eyebrows for heading to a soccer match, a day after he requested a financial lifeline for his country's bank that could total up to $125 billion. after the big move he hopped on his plane to watch the soccer opener in poland. >> gregg: less than five months to go until election day and most political watchers agree whichever political candidate connects best with voters on the economy has the greater chance of winning the white house. that might explain why governor mitt romney has focused on a comment made by president obama about the private economy, the
1:28 pm
private sector, peter doocy has the story. >> reporter: four hours after president obama said the private sector is doing fine on friday, he clarified that the economy is not fine because too many people are out of work and housing market is still weak but it wasn't enough to stop this new ad from the romney campaign. >> part time, you have to work part time in order to make ends meet. >> private sector is doing fine. the private sector is doing fine. the private sector is doing fine. >> on friday, mitt romney reacted to the president's comment and tuesday's recall election said in wisconsin is it's time to cut back on government. david axelrod that mitt romney is living on another planet if thesis that will strengthen the economy. >> his statement we don't need any more teachers or firefighters or police. the is out of touch. we have lost 250,000 teachers in the last couple of years.
1:29 pm
every community in the country is feeling this. >> while wisconsin's governor think romney is right, one governor doesn't think so. >> it stands for reform. >> ask any resident whether they have enough police. ask the police chief, they are endangering safety on the streets. >> in an e-mail this morning, romney spokesman wrote that axelrod struggled and added quote when your own chief strategist can't defend your comments indicates that your assessment of the economy might be wrong. >> gregg: peter doocy thanks very much. >> heather: new signs of international pressure mounting on syrian president assad including from his close ally russia. this as the deadly violence inside syria accountants to escalate. forces in the government opening fire in the capital city of
1:30 pm
damascus and britain's foreign secretary says military intervention cannot be ruled out. now russia's foreign minister saying his country will support assad's departure if that is what syrians want. >> in yemen opposing side, they agreed on everything themselves. there was no preconditions, preconditions like the mandatory resignation of the president. that came as a result of the agreement. if they agree to that we will only be happy to support the resolution but we believe it is unacceptable for many key reasons to impose conditions from a dialogue from the outside. >> heather: russia has made it clear it opposes outside force to bring about a regime change. here is k.t. mcfarland. thanks so much for joining us. exciting talk about this topic, we sat here the two of us ever
1:31 pm
since egypt and we talk about the up rising. what is different in syria comparing it to libya. >> its good comparison. syria is a different situation. libya turned out not to be a successful as we thought and it turned out to take a lot longer than we thought. syria would be much more difficult to have any military intervention. there is no rebel army. there has been no masses defections from the syrian army like in libya. number two, syria, russians, iranians the chinese, none of them are eager for any kind of military engagement. they block every attempt that the united nations. third thing we don't have the bandwidth. united states says the last thing we need another ground war. even as the foreign minister says it's a possibility.
1:32 pm
it's not. it's really not a possibility. on the other hand, what do you do? >> what do you make the latest statement from russia? >> that is key. what is what is different. we have had negotiations with the united nations, head of u.n. has gone, nothing has happened. every cease-fire has been broken within minutes. russians have said they could conceive a situation where the assad leadership leaves. that will be the key. i think the only option that any of us have to stop the killing and potentially to turn the whole dynamic to go to the russians, you take the lead. you are the one closes relations with syrians we will support you in changing the leader and help encourage a different leadership. the price for our support whatever the new government of syria breaks with iran. >> heather: then two questions would follow, what would make the assad regime to step down and "b" why would we believe
1:33 pm
russia this time? >> why would the assad regime step down? i think assad has figured out kill or be killed. let's see what happened in egypt where egyptian president mubarak stepped down. he'll probably died in jail. khadafy died in combat. i think it one difficult to get him to step down unless he realize that everybody under him is leaving. why should we trust the russians? we don't have any other options because we don't have anything in the fight. we have very influence in the region. we have no influence overseer yeah. the only country we can really see having this thing come to an end is russia. i think the united states shouldn't say rush you take care of it. we'll nominate for you a noble peace prize, but the price is
1:34 pm
the new syrian leadership should break with iran. >> heather: do you have faith that the obama administration has the ability to do that? >> no. think they have gone to russians for shame, this is horrible you should be shamed into stopping the killing. i don't think that is how you talk to the russians. they interests in syria. they have a port. only port in mediterranean. they have a long term relationship with syria. they have an ongoing relationship. they sell military equipment to syria. at the end of the day, they are not going to give up syria. having them give up the assad leadership but the price should be for u.s. supported and western support, syria and iran should break. >> heather: does it concern you britain's foreign secretary, not ruling out military force? >> there is no option here. look what happened in libya. it was a u.s. military operation. we really were the backbone of it but none of these things
1:35 pm
happened. i think it's unrealistic. >> heather: you are talking about 13,000 people who have been killed. >> innocent women and children. >> heather: and the images are horrific. thank you so much. >> gregg: ohio once again a very important battleground in the presidential election, coming up the issues that could determine which way the buckeye state swings come november. heartfelt homecoming from hundreds of soldiers back on american soil after spending a year fighting overseas au around now their loved ones are speaking out. ♪ under blue moon i saw you
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>>. >> gregg: hundred soldiers returning to green bay after year long deployment to afghanistan. yesterday a very special ceremony was held in their honor family and friends to welcome their loved ones home. the wife of one soldier
1:40 pm
expressing her joy having her family together again. >> the kids love having their daddy home. he is everything to them. it's great to get back to normal. >> gregg: many of returning troops are back for the first time since their deployment in march of last year. >> heather: right now in america's election headquarters, ohio taking center stage, they remember the battleground state pushed president bush to victory over john kerry. now, the real clear politics average showing obama leading romney by 1.8%, but there are a couple of issues that should tip the buckeye state either blue or red. let's take a look at them. fair and balanced with ellen ratner, and editor in chief of the washington freebie con.
1:41 pm
thank you for joining us. ellen, i'm going to start with you. first disclose you have a directed connection to the current arrests for the senate seat? >> i am supporting the democrat my cousin by marriage is josh mandell and current state treasurer. i'm also from the greater state of ohio. >> heather: i mention that because a senior state republican that the mandell brown race will go the way of the presidential contest 2004 as we mentioned republicans took the state. month wins the state this time around. >> i think the democrats win it and it's not because of my support of brown or anything like that. i do support him, it has to do with the auto bailouts. ro romney people and josh mandel have been quiet.
1:42 pm
one in eight jobs in ohio is tied to the auto industry. the bailout has really helped. these companies are doing well now has helped jobs in ohio. for romney and josh mandel to say, no they don't want to talk about is a huge mistake. >> heather: let's talk about those jobs. of the ten battleground states, seven of them have employment levels that beat the u.s. average including ohio. will that guarantee president obama a second term? >> no, i don't think so. i don't think ellen's support will be enough to get obama enough. the more important numbers and unemployment numbers in ohio is the presidential job approval. obama is under 50%. it's hard to see how he can improve that in the five months remaining. i think it's upward slog for him. >> i don't see it the fact many people in the ohio legislature have done things like having a
1:43 pm
fetus testify, they put an ultrasound on somebody -- this is crazy things that has gone in the ohio state legislature. they need to focus on jobs. sigh that the democrats in ohio are really focused on that and so is the president. most of those battleground states is slightly better. they are led by republican governors. how does governor romney, how does he successfully campaign in those states when he talks about jobs and unemployment? >> i think he links himself to republican reformers whether jonl day sick in ohio a or scott walker. ohio voters care about everybody does, jobs, deficit and healthcare and obama is losing on all those issues. i think he is in weak spotted in ohio with still a ways to go. >> wait a minute. fb-5 which similar bill to west
1:44 pm
side employees was defeated by the voters by 62%. people don't like that wisconsin sort of getting rid of public education. in ohio used to be amazing. when i was growing up, it was an amazing education state. you have governor romney he wants to cut public employees and fire people, police people, teachers, that doesn't sit well. >> heather: how do you explain what happened in wisconsin, conservatives say scott walker win in wisconsin will bring a sea of change and the republican governor's win over tom barrett will mean something different from ohio when you are talking about unions as you are addressing it? >> i think unions have been very strong in ohio. when i was growing up it was very strong in ohio. again, that public bill number 5 got defeated by the voters after the people in the legislature and kasich supported it.
1:45 pm
>> heather: what is your take on it? >> what out does it mean for labor unification? >> i think it's a good sign for the republican ground game in the fall. more importantly, el seven right. kasich lost the referendum but it won't be on the ballot this year, obama will. i think this election will be a referendum on his performance. ohio has a large catholic population and catholic voters will be concerned about things like the obamacare contraception mandate and same-sex marriage. >> heather: exactly that, when you do. >> when you have a fetus testify and not focus on job, the fact is brown and other people running in ohio are very focused on jobs. >> heather: i'm going to give out final word? >> i think we saw the president on friday play into romney's narrative. >> heather: thank you both for joining us.
1:46 pm
>> gregg: see what happens. family get together with ellen and her cousin. >> heather: very interesting. >> gregg: the leaks of national security secrets prompting a federal investigation, our focus is turning to the reporters that turned to some of the bombshell details. should they be forced to reveal their sources. our legal panel is here to weigh in. stick around for that.
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1:50 pm
>>. >> gregg: back to the top story, mounting efforts to track down the sources of several national security classified leaks that have both democrats and republicans now calling for investigations. reporters that broke the stories know the sources of this sensitive information. should they be compelled to dill village their sources since after all it is leaking state secrets. carl byrnestein weighed in. >> first of all you have to be careful for creating witch hunt for sources and witch hunted you go after reporters, because now more than ever, we need real reportering on this presidency and on national security and all these areas.
1:51 pm
the press is not the problem here. >> gregg: let's bring in our legal panel and joey jackson. robert, lay out the law for me here. can reporters just say i don't have to tell you, judge? >> in a criminal case, no. in 1972 the supreme court ruled on this and they ruled there is no absolute shield. there is no absolute privilege to divulge a story but a qualified privilege. government can't go on a fishing expedition. they can't just ask questions. they have to prove a nexus zwen the source. >> gregg: here sl there is a nexus, you go to the reporters that reported the story, who is your source because that is the person who is leaking the information? >> the vexing question and bob is right on in the law. it's important that people when they go to reporters feel they can tell them information and that information can be protected and privileged otherwise what is going to happen.
1:52 pm
people are not going to talk and limitations on what is said and what we know. as a result of that, in any profession all you have is your integrity. there is lot to be said for not divulging anything. getting back to your qualified privilege, we're talking about national security issues. so the question now becomes is what you know, should it be outweighed and is national security pair mounted so we can get to the source. >> gregg: dianne feinstein, long time senator on capitol hill said look, this is an avalanche of leaks. it threatens national security. it jeopardizes lives. >> absolutely. one of the leaks involved, now we know a double agent who was working inside al-qaeda and a foiled bomb threat. we're talking about the united states not being able to work with other countries because they won't trust us anymore.
1:53 pm
>> 40 states as we know have the shield laws that protect them but not the federal government. the justice department has very clear guidelines on what they do. first they look for alternative measures to get the information. if they can't do that. then obviously they negotiate with the press. if they can't do that, they go to a subpoena. you have a federal government that is understanding of the press's right to be free and independent. it's a balancing act that is hard to manage. >> gregg: i've been trading e-mails with judy miller and when she was "new york times" in reporting about the valerie plame c.i.a. leak went to jail for three long months because she refused to give up her source. the judge put her in jail. she finally got out of jail because scooter libby gave her a waiver to release the information. >> eric holder and if there was criminal conduct taken and
1:54 pm
reporter is going to refuse, that is the punishment. it may seem unfair. i know dealing with the media it's tough. >> that is exactly what will happen. we know very well that a civil contempt order will be issued by a judge. the choice is reveal the information or in the alternative go to jail. >> gregg: what about obstruction of justice. if you are hiding information about a crime, you know, joey, that is obstruction? >> it is but you are not hiding information. you are with holding it because you have ethical standards as reporter. why else would they give you the information other than the belief that you will, it will be safe with you and you will not divulge where it is. so it's difficult to charge them with obstruction, however, i wouldn't be surprised if i saw that. >> gregg: how do you think it will end up? >> it be difficult. two u.s. attorneys that are in charge looking into this, reporting to eric holder and into the president, they may
1:55 pm
than looking into the white house. how much power of these guys going to have. >> gregg: isn't there an inherent conflict of interest that jeopardizings the integrity of the investigation. eric holder reports to the president. >> your findings have to be consistent with what my boss wants. as a result we might see perhaps an independent investigation separate and apart from u.s. justice. >> you report a special prosecutor, that takes four or five or six years. >> people forget there a new leak and new story and new hot topic. >> that is not a bad thing, four five years if you are president. [ laughter ] >> even if you win reelection. >> gregg: all right, good see you both. >> heather: coming up, heavy rain soaking parts of south. people are being told to stay
1:56 pm
off the roads. where could these tropical storms be heading next? we're live in the fox extreme weather center. stay with us. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ : new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. :
1:57 pm
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>> and we have an extreme weather alert with crews waging war against wildfires in the west and the southwest, fueled by strong wind and dry land. >>gregg: hello, everyone, glad you are with us. >>heather: welcome to a brand
2:00 pm
new hour inside america's news headquarters. to northern colorado, about again miles from fort collins, flames engulfing 22 square miles and officials issuing over 1,600 evacuation orders. the second fire burning in southern new mexico consuming more than 10,000 acres, and forcing people to get out. in colorado not everyone is listening to the warnings. >> we are still investigating the concerns of whether everyone was able to get out of the evacuation area. we have some folks that do not have phones or refuse to evacuate. >>heather: from tinderbox conditions to walls of water the coast of alabama and florida's panhandle bows l doused in 6" to 18" in rain yesterday with more in the forecast. and maria is in the fox weather center. maria: unfortunately, i got a report that up to 21" rain have been reported in florida since
2:01 pm
early thursday morning, so a lot of tropical moisture in place right now cross the gulf of mexico and that moisture is streaming north into parts of the central gulf coast states like louisiana and portions of southern alabama, mississippi, and the florida panhandle and, cog down as heavy rainfall. up to 21" reported across parts of the florida panhandle. you can imagine with that much moisture in such a quick amount of time, you are taking about flooding being a concern. we have a number of flash flood warnings in new orleans, and mobile, alabama, and outside of tallahassee looking at the flash flash in effect through monday morning so keep this in mine. the entire i-10 corridor has the possibility no flash flooding and additional 3" to 6" of rain possible tonight into tomorrow so more inches could be possible in the heavy thunderstorms flooding will be a concern here through tomorrow, ground already saturated from the moisture that
2:02 pm
you have already seen, so it will be hard not ground to absorb much moisture. a lost race is bad news for flooding but it is some what good news so there is a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel because we are under a drought across the southeast including a florida panhandle with moisture starting to bring a didn't into the drought conditions across the region. georgia and south carolina will be seeing rainfall from the storm system as it tracks north into tomorrow and tuesday so that is good news and we are already starting to see the moisture across georgia and parts of south carolina. the system continues slowly tracking northward. unfortunately, there is also severe weather component with the storms meaning we could see large hail and damaging wind and even tornadoes from the leading line of storms. you can see the red line pushing east to parts of georgia so there is a tornado watch in effect until 7:00 p.m. central time for parts of the florida panhandle and southwestern georgia. we will watch if any tornado warnings are issued and bring
2:03 pm
them to you immediately and, again, showers and storm pushing into parts of georgia and south carolina where we need the moisture. >>heather: thank you, maria. >>gregg: new details about a deadly shooting near the auburn university campus, alabama. we know that three people were killed, two of them former university football players, and another victim clinging to life. the shootinger resulted during a nighttime pool party at this hour and an intense manhunt is underway for the gunman. and now an update from auburn. >>reporter: you are right the attention today focused on the victims and their families but, also, the massive manhunt for 22-year-old who is in the montgomery hour 60 miles from where we are. police say that he is responsible for shooting the six men at pool party behind me last night after a fight broke out. there are three capital murder charge arrests with his name on
2:04 pm
them. three of the victims at one point or another were members of the auburn tigers football team. edward christian and philips are dead today. eric mack another player is in critical condition and three other men were also gunned down during that incident. the violent outburst rocked witnesses that were there at the pool party but, really, the entire community. >> i'm saddened by this. this is very much unusual event for the city of auburn and auburn university. it is sickening that the young likes were cut short and also the shooter is such a young man. >>reporter: police have remained tightlipped about what type of weapon was used and a motive but they have one and they will not release it until it is necessary in the courtroom. >>gregg: thank you from auburn >>heather: a war of words over
2:05 pm
the investigation into recent leaks of what critics say are national security secrets. at least one leading republican senator pointing the finger of blame directly at president obama. and a top advisor to the obama campaign today echoing the president's insistence that the leaks did not come from the white house. >> the authors of all of this, say the white house was not the source of this information. i cannot say that they weren't. there were leaks but not from the white house. health commit now like from washington, molly has the latest on this. hi, molly. >>reporter: peter king says president obama must know who the leaker or leakers are. and that the people are in his "inner circle," and suggests the information of the president's "kill," list where he approved drone strikes to take out top terrorists was leaked to make the president look like a tough
2:06 pm
guy. >> the fact is, no one wants to know what the president is doing. we have never confirmed we have the drone attack program. >>reporter: he has insisted that the white house doesn't operate that way and the idea that the president's administration would leak national security information for political gain is offense ever and wrong. the leaders of the house and senate intelligence committees, republican congressman rogers and democratic senator feinstein say the leaks have been devastating to the intelligence community. still, the senator says that if president obama says he didn't do, he didn't do it. >> i take the president at face value and as chairman rogers said, the investigation has to be nonpartisan, it has to be vigorous, and it has to move ahead rapidly. >>reporter: attorney general holder appointed two u.s. attorneys to head up the investigation. congressman rogers says it remains to be seen how free they will be to follow the facts.
2:07 pm
especially if the facts lead to high ranking people in the obama administration. >>heather: thank you, molly, from washington. thank you. and now syria, new videotape has emerged showing large crowds of people attending a mass funeral reportedly killed if heavy shelling and gunfire. thousands of mourners watching as the victims were placed on makeshift stretchers carried through the streets amid all of the gunfire the new round of violence adding to the blood shed this weekend but at least 85 people were killed in rebel strongholds across the country. the united nations monitors in syria say they are trying to oversee the implementation of the ceasefire so far. s but we they have failed to end the crisis. >> and former president mubarak is in critical condition said to be slipping in and out of consciousness and breathing with the help of a ventilator. the 82-year-old was sentenced to
2:08 pm
life in prison early this month for failing to stop the killing of protesters during last year's uprising which forced him from power. that sentence sparked new protests with many demanding death sentences for mubarak and other top security officials. >>gregg: gas prices, you may have noticed, soaring way past the national average in one part of the country and one lawmaker says she knowy and is pushing for federal investigations. >>heather: broadway's biggest stars gearing up for the 66th annual tony awards and some of the buzz is over hits with one big theme. what is behind the religious revival on the great white way?
2:09 pm
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>>greg: now the latest headlines, parts of the travel gulf coast reeling after drenching rains with flash flooding over the weekend in the florida panhandle warning of "get off the roads." and a small plane with a team of skydivers crashes in the ukraine, five people are dead. investigator say the plane caught in a heavy rainstorm. spain's prime minister saying
2:13 pm
"this year is going to be a bad one." despite a bank bailout taking shape that could bring his country $125 billion resolution with a rescue from europe. health new calls for federal investigation into west coast oil refineries. democratic senator cantwell from washington state says they may be contributing to the high cost of gas in hero john of -- her area of the country. the average gas price not united states is right now according to aaa $3.54 but on the west coast, drivers on average pay $4.12 a gallon. what is going on? senior business corporate and anchor of "bulls and bears organization joins us with a little bit of insight. so, is this investigation warranted? is this a case of private fixing on behalf of the oil refineries? >>guest: there are fewer oil refiners in the west coast than
2:14 pm
in other parts of the country. so that is one thing to remember. and, one of the oil refineries went down. so, now, the accusation is that the rest of the oil refiners took this as an opportunity to do some maintenance. and shut down, as well. so that would bring the rice of gas higher. now we also know that the gas prices always are higher in this part of the country because there are so many codes and regulations that they follow, many more than in other states especially in california. so, that is something to keep in mind, as well. did they collude? we don't know. they did necessary maintenance but only one announced the maintenance before the fire. so it is hard to tell. but this maintenance is necessary. if there were some accident because they had not done safety maintenance, you can be sure
2:15 pm
that there would have been an investigation into that. >>heather: the fire happened at refinery in february, is it conceivable that others took a look what happened there and thought, well, maybe we do need to do a few maintenance procedures? >>guest: it is very, very hard to prove price collusion and it is also interesting that these kind of accusations there have been so many accusations why the price of gas is higher in this area of the country. >>heather: it is significantly not just at this time, but, normally. >>guest: again, like i said, it comes down to refineries. and, the cost of transporting gas. usually the one issue here is that usually it follows what west texas immediate oil is doing and this team there is a gap. but, you know, there could be something to it that would be worthwhile, that would be worth taking a look at.
2:16 pm
but do you ever hear about accusations about speculation or price collusion when prices are coming down? as they have been across the nation. so, that's one issue that we have to remember. >>heather: in may gasoline prices fell 17 cent as gallon. oil tumbled $14 a barrel. do you expect that trend to continue? >>guest: i think so. the world economy is in a downward spiral. people are not using as much gas, and also, this is more of the shale that is available and we are finding much more, scoffing a lot moralityive -- more sources with fracking so that is important so our energy costs lower and part of that demand driven that we just don't have the machine. we are in arecession.
2:17 pm
people are not driving. some of it is that. and if we had a healthier economy perhaps the price with be higher. so, there are two sides to this coin. >>heather: we appreciate your insite, brenda. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears," saturday mitt mornit 10:00 a.m. >>gregg: you could tap the oil field in montana discovered by a while cater, a legendary figure. tonight is broadway's big night, the 66th annual tony awards recognizes broadway's biggest theater achievements. this year it seems that broadway has "soul." nine shows with previous, rather, with religious themes, and several nominated for a tony. more on what is behind the revile. >>guest: jesus christ and god are the stars on the great white way. a battle for the soul of
2:18 pm
broadway. with a public relations firm helping drum up support for shows looking to faith-based audience. all untapped audience. it is a demographic that hollywood has been pursuing to one degree or another for some 15 years now, but it is only right now beginning to happen on broadway. >> ridding a script of foul language and sex and violence is a way he suggests that helps producers profit from the faith based ticket buyers. but with the divine inspiration success is never guarantee. despite a tony nomination, the show "leap of faith," closed a few weeks after opening. the times square parish was an investor. >> people now see us as a religious community willing to do nonconventional things and take a risk. take a leap of faith. >> faithful to the sinful, big
2:19 pm
risks can pay big rewards and musical "book of mormon," with profanity and gag lines is a huge financial success. >> shows that make a mockery of religion and the faith and the bible, they are going to do well because this is the world we live in. but, there is a far larger audience out there that does not subscene to that. >>reporter: 75 percent of broadway shows fail to make a profit but banking on religion appears to be a go because with do more faith-oriented shows headed for broadway next season. >>gregg: got to love broadway. this will be fund. >>heather: and our reporter is going and we will look for her in the audience. critics hammering president obama after saying "the private sector is doing just fine." you heard about that. >>gregg: the romney campaign see as line of attack, so, how should the president's re-election team handle the fallout? our campaign insiders weighing
2:20 pm
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>>heather: the bottom of the hour and time for the tonight news. a manhunt is underway if a suspect behind a deadly shooting near the auburn university campus in alabama. three were killed. two were former university football players. all no end in sight to a fast-moving wildfire that torched 8,000 acres in northern colorado and. brothered evacuation. the planes have already destroyed or damaged 18 structures. and a bleak forecast for spain, with negative growth predicted this year despite a likely $125 billion bank bailout. >> we want to bring you an
2:25 pm
inspirational story about a group of veterans who are using their uniforms to share stories about their time on the front lines. they start by cutting up their combat fatigues. you can see that here. and turning them into paper. what left, they say is a "great conversation starter." and, in the new york newsroom with the inspirational story. >> great to be with them today. vets come together each sunday? new jersey to sip coffee and share war stories and heal and make "combat paper," ripped up fatigues turned to art. this group therapy works best if them. the combat paper program started in 2007 and has reached hundreds of veterans across the country through a traveling program and 40 in new jersey making combat paper is three steps. deconstruction. next, reclamation, pound the fan risk into a pulp and make them
2:26 pm
into paper. not process they are reclaiming their experiences. they do not forget or suppress them. finally, communication. the paper becomes a platform for vets to talk about their experience through painting images and writing poetry. the director of the program says the process for everyone is very different. >> each veteran has their own persons. they have their own unique past. and however they approach the uniform, some approach the uniform with anger, some with deep respect, deep reverence for the uniform. some with love. they loved their time in the mill dairy and they want to use the uniform as an expression of that. >> program received a positive response after making combat paper at walter reed army medical center in washington, dc. there are now efforts in place to make it a recurring program this. combat paper currently has groups in new jersey, where we were, in new york, and san francisco, california. organizers hope to expand to new
2:27 pm
locations across the country in the future. >>heather: love that story. i want some combat paper. thank you very much. >>gregg: a rough week for the president. and the campaign insiders will talk about that. wisconsin republican governor scott walker fending off an attempt to boot him from office in a recall election coming on the heels of a pretty dismal jobs report, the previous friday, not to mention g.d.p., growing job situation and capping it off president obama talking up the private sector of the economy in six words he may come to regret before later clarifying. take a listen to this. >> private sector is doing fine. the big challenge we have in our economy right now is state and local government hiring has been going in the wrong direction. >> not president of the towns stand up and say the private sector doing fine, that will go
2:28 pm
down in history. it is an extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding by a president who is out of touch. >> and now bringing in our campaign insiders, doug schoen, former pollster for bill clinton and pat caddell, former pollster for president carter. and john leboutillier, a former republican congressman, for new york. he seriously said that. >> what we have seen here, the race has changed. and i think it is now romney's election to lose. >>gregg: really? >> i do all things you put on there. the job report. the race is changing. we will go over some polls in a minute both nationally and in the electoral college and the momentum is going romney's way or anti-obama. at least put it that way. >>gregg: pat, some suggested he is tone deaf, mostly republicans, and mcconnell said "the president must be on another planet, completely disconnected from reality." and cantor said, are you
2:29 pm
kidding? did he see the jobs numbers? >> john mccain in 2008 the day the lehman brothers collapsed, said, in the context of a statement that was better, said the fundamentals of the economy are good. boy did he hear that for the rest of the campaign. the president's statement is a devastating statement because he is going to see it over and over again, and peggy noonen said, does he just not get it? he raised those questions. but romney, the democrats have said this morning, heard a lot of this, look at statements romney has made of rich people, but, you know what, those do not hurt romney. this is bigger than that. because he is the president. >>gregg: doug, is it that big? he back peddled quickly. but you cannot grab something back that you say when it comes out. >> it is a metaphor, the jobs numbers are bad. the economic growth numbers are
2:30 pm
bad. but this is no strategy. no plan. no logic to where the administration is going. they are clinging to a narrow lead now in the electoral college in some of the polls but it is going in the wrong direction. john and pat are right. >> we could be saying the same thing. but what happened in wisconsin was so huge and a reaction of americans against public workers getting too much money, pensions and all the money it costs and for the president to get out and say, well, the private economy is doing great, we need more government workers. greg 800,000 new jobs, abysmal, really, and we should be growing millions of jobs. >> and the thing john pointing out about wisconsin, the president framed this in terms of needing more money for state governments from washington, the
2:31 pm
re-doing of the stimulus program, to hire public employees. i didn't think romney did great going after teachers he should have gone after union bosses but the the president's context makes it look so bad. >>gregg: doug, some believe that romney now can win. do democrats believe that president obama can lose? >> democrats believe that romney is in increasingly strong position and obama could lose in a way they did not a couple of months ago. there are a couple of "but's." democrats believe romney will self destruct. they believe the negative ratings will hurt him. >>gregg: why? >> because he says things like he enjoys firing people. >> but --.
2:32 pm
>> i am not debating, i am suggesting that romney with a negative of over 50 percent is perceived the way ronald reagan was in 1980 as someone almost unelectable. >> but he won in a landslide. >> because in the structure of a reagan with his moment to show he wasn't dangerous after all campaign. and romney has a chance to step up to show leadership because the president looks like --. >>gregg: i want to show you fox news polls, that rate the obama administration on three critical things. they are the most important issues. improving health care. stimulating the economy and creating new jobs. mostly failure. failure. failure. three failures. look at the numbers. there is almost a 20-point difference between them. >> i think the number one book on "new york times" best seller
2:33 pm
list is called "the amateur." a quote from bill clinton describing what he thinks in a private conversation of president obama and i think it is both politically the way romney ought to go after this. that president obama is incompetent, inept president, not up to the job and the result of the three numbers show it. he hasn't done the job. >>gregg: is that fair? >> i think it is fair. bottom line with those ratings what the white house is saying, look, we cannot let this be a referendum on our performance because we lose. increasingly the american people are seeing obama as inept so they will try to make this election a referendum on romney. >> that is why i say and doug agrees and so does john, the moment is romney's to give something more to himself other than i was on wall street, this guy has ideas and he could do something. he needs to frame this as "i am going to do things."
2:34 pm
and the president is cedeing the ground on what i will do. the democrats are petrified, they think this is in real trouble. >>gregg: now, another poll comparing president obama and governor romney on, again, some of the critical stuff that people care about. taxes. economy. job creation. immigration. government spending. look at the numbers. doug? >> pat and i are both pollsters, you do not have to be a pollster to say 6 point to 7 point negative margin in favor of governor romney. this underscores the huge challenge the white house faces and the problem the president has in making the casey. >>gregg: the president was in the 30's on a lot of the issues. this is -- look at that he only has 40 percent on taxes. romney has placed to grow. and we saw this in wisconsin.
2:35 pm
people said, the exit poll is a mess but obama was ahead, but, among people on the question we can do a better job on the economy and who can look after the middle class you had a real difference 19 percent of voters said neither and they voted better than 2-1 for walker. >> the have the job numbers and pick sandbagging him and the bizarre security leaks and if the next months are like the last two, president obama is toast. this will be the week that the weeks came off the car. >> when things turn to the worse it is hard to right the ship. it can be done but it is difficult.
2:36 pm
>> it is difficult to town it back around and i can tell you the pressures on that in trying to find your place, but the problem is the wheels are coming off and they are taking more wheels off. the wisconsin thing, this is important. we talked about this last week, this is an election that took place with real votes with real turn out. >>gregg: we know houri's wes -- we know how wisconsin turned out. the governor kept the jobs but these are the exit polls. look at this, the two pollsters what do you have to say? ed -- we all concluded the margin was tighter, closer to two or three points and i make obama the favorite in business we but the states in play in a way that wasn't before tuesday, and it will take time. >> here is the point.
2:37 pm
you could see it from the numbers i talked about people saying i don't like even one of them but they were voting republican for walker, they are in motion. we said this last week. people in the critical states are moving from obama to undecided. >> swing states i looked at just this morning, romney is ahead in ohio. he is ahead in florida. he is ahead in michigan. wasn't so two weeks ago. now, tied in colorado. >> a little under the radar and the national media puts the head to head national poll up. >> you are right. >> but michigan is the one we were taken by at end of last week a state where romney was way behind. >>gregg: we will talk more on former president protect going off message last week, and he kind of sandbagged the president. did he? maybe not. president clinton has backtracked. is the damage done? our campaign insiders sticking
2:38 pm
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2:42 pm
>>gregg: bill clinton giving democrat as new political headache. over the bush era tax cuts to jump start the economy. take a listen. all they should find a way to keep the expansion going. >> does that mean extending the tax cuts? >> what it means is they will have to extend, they the probably put everything off until early next year. that is the best thing to do right now. but the republicans do not want to do that unless he agrees to extend the tax cuts peoplely including for upper income people. >>gregg: he apologized quickly and tomorrow undermining president obama at his second annual global initiative meeting, bill clinton saying this and i quote, "this year's
2:43 pm
meeting has demonstrated the important advances we can make when working together toward a shared prosperity." what is bill clinton up to? we will bring back the campaign insiders, doug, you worked for the guy. i have never seen a former president, ever apologize the way he did, he literally said i am very sorry i said that. >> well a he was really trying to do was to move the party and the obama campaign to the center to try to talk about the need for unity, consensus, fiscal conservatism and an approach that frankly is different from the one that president obama and his campaign is pursuing. >>gregg: but the president isn't going to the center. >> and, in fact, he said no i am raising money, and he and other democrats, there are other voices but for president clinton he says, don't you get it?
2:44 pm
i was a better president. and you should follow my role of success. they are taking the party over the cliff. audition morris worked for bill clinton and now he works for us but he said bill clinton does not want president obama to win. >> we know a year ago, in private we he tried to get hillary clinton, then, to run in the primaries against obama and she said she would not. this is a good argument to make that he wants obama to loose. we said president obama divided america and president obama should stand down and hillary clinton should run.
2:45 pm
that could be vindicated. >>gregg: was bill clinton telling the truth when he said we ought to extend the bush era tax cuts. >> what he said the week before when he made the other comment about mitt romney. he is saying what he thinks is the truth and he has to back track and say, i am sorry. >>gregg: did president obama get on the telephone and say what are you doing? all they are doing this to much. anyone who deviates, the sign of a white house -- cory booker, rendell. they are jumping on everyone, a kind of politics that goes, i think it shows desperation. >> bill clinton has had a simple approach: hold down spending. hold down taxes. grow the economy. work to produce conscience us. and he is offering a different bill. >>gregg: you get a surplus and everyone is fat and happy. >> and we can talk to one another. >> politics of this make no sense to me.
2:46 pm
president obama is a liberal. we know that. he has the left. why isn't he moving to the middle like bill clinton did, but, any logical politician knows the votes are in the middle. he has the left. and now that he is in trouble, where does he go? he is going to the left. >> the contrast with bill clinton out there hurts him because it reminds voters, particularly weak democrats and independents, what they like rather than what they dislike. >> clinton brings one thing obama cannot get, cold, hard cash, $7 million. >>gregg: i want to talk about one of the other subjects front and center this weekend and this is the classified, highly classified, intelligence national security leaks. the president was offended saying at the news conference on friday, by the suggestion that his white house would leak this but the reporters say it came from the white house. it came from his inner circle, the top aides, the national security staff.
2:47 pm
>> this is not about politics. what is at stake here, it is not just about leaks. or undermining national security. we have young men and women who are in harm's way, and we have intelligence operatives in harm's way. so much damage has been done and it has been done now on a basis that is unprecedented and the fact is the president's statement i think he will live to regret because that is so sensitive it could not come anywhere but from the white house. >> was anyone from the white house from the president on down saying we called "new york times" and tried to stop this and bottom line, they would not do it. we have heard none of that. and that, to me, is a clear indication that at the very least the white house was complicity in some way. >>gregg: congressman you have been around capitol hill a long time when leaks like this in investigations happen it gets really, really ugly, and, invariably it hurts the white house. >> this will hurt the white house because now his best ally, the media, is in the middle of
2:48 pm
this thing and some of them are wondering, other than "new york times" who is leaking? how much did obama know? when did they know? this thing will be another problem for him quickly. >> political implications are serious because holder has some problems. i don't think anything short of an independent investigators works. the other thing, the president, there is a poll showing people believe the president is more concern about re-election than necessarily the needs of the country. if that is the case it could be a real political issue. >>gregg: thank you, gentleman, campaign insiders, more from our campaign insiders each monday day at 10:30 a.m., and they will be back on sunday, and you can physical them on twitter. >>heather: coming up, amazing images of wildlife in a dramatic struggle for life-and-death captured in a rare documentary premiering tonight on the
2:49 pm
"national geographic" channel.
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>>heather: america's wildlife like you have never seen on
2:53 pm
"national geographic," a four hour miniseries with a rare look at nature's spanning two continents, 21 countries. here, now, is producer and photographer, hang in there --. >>heather: no, no, no. >>gregg: this, truly, and i watched the stuff you gave us, coolest stuff i've ever seen. it is wonderful. incredible. >>heather: ultimate reality television. >>guest: two years of my life. that is a good sign. hopefully everyone else likes it. >>gregg: tell us about it. >>guest: it is four hours. tonight on national geographic channel. >>heather: what went into filming documentary? two years of your life. >>guest: two years. a lot of blood, sweat and tears
2:54 pm
a fantastic team. a lot of bonding. lost the tip of my finger filming dolphins in my brazil. it was not the dolphins but a dive ladder. that is behind the scenes. >>gregg: i learned so much about the penguins that jump off a cliff to getted food for their young. >>guest: they jump 100' cliff and cross a big pile of blubber and the sea lions who will eat them. >>gregg: there is a lizard that squirts blood out of its eye to keep off a bob scat that is about to eat it. >>guest: that is the first time that has been proven. the sea lions are affected bit blood. >>heather: is that your favorite moment? >>guest: one of them.
2:55 pm
>>heather: what is the most dangerous? >>guest: most dangerous? well, obviously, the venom thing, a scene where a road runner, an underdog, he destroys a rattlesnake. flash floods. all sorts of drama, killers, and the desert episode is kill or be killed. >>gregg: and the bobcat is here. the confrontation between animals and insects and the field mouse who takes down a squirrel. >>guest: that is a favorite. >>guest: i shot that. and a giant centipede. and the mouse takes him down. without hesitating. >>heather: is that the lesson to take from the documentary? >>guest: the take away to me is all about america. you do not have to go to africa
2:56 pm
or asia, this is happening in our backyard. just look at in. just go outside. >>heather: sometime the underdog wins. >>gregg: and 20 million bats coming from a cave more people than in new york city eating 400,000 pounds of insects. >>guest: we triple checked that it did not sound right. >>heather: and you enjoy the gross stuff. >>greg: check it out 9:00 eastern "national geographic," channel, you don't want to miss it. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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